Richard Diebenkorn: From Nature to Abstraction

$ 30.00

"As one examines [Diebenkorn's] long and incredibly rich stylistic development, one is struck as much by its continuities as its changes of direction. We see, for example, a keen responsiveness to nature and environment surfacing again and again, even in the course of his most sustained work with abstraction. Also apparent is an abiding dedication to abstracting, highly formal values of pictorial construction, just as basic in the figurative works as elsewhere. Indeed, this tension between abstraction and representation--this back-and-forth, vivifyng push and pull--is fundamental to his art and a source of considerable strength. A look at some of the paintings and drawings in the present exhibition shows how varied are the shadings with which it is expressed."

With an essay by Stephen Nash. Softcover, with 60 pages and color reproductions. Exhibition catalog published by the Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco, 1999.

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