Pat Steir: Kairos

$ 60.00

This book explores Pat Steir’s most recent Kairos series of immersive paintings, installed at Lévy Gorvy in New York between September 7 and October 21, 2017. The series evolved out of Steir’s seminal Waterfall paintings, which proved her medium could “express itself as something non-objective.”

The book offers an intimate introduction to Steir’s most recent paintings and includes a conversation between Steir and Sylvère Lotringer, the founder ofSemiotext(e), as well as three poems that Steir published in the “Schizo-Culture” issue of the magazine; “Trance Abyss,” a poem by Anne Waldman; an essay by art historian and curator Courtney J. Martin; a detailed chronology illustrated by archival images; and high-quality photographs of Lévy Gorvy’s installations in both New York (currently on view), and London (2016).

Published by Lévy Gorvy Gallery, New York, 2017

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