Handmade and Unique Drypoint Needles and Burnishers

$ 41.00

These handsome and beautifully crafted tools are handmade in France by Matthieu Coulanges. We are offering two tools, in limited quantities.

Ceramic-tip Drypoint Needle: Made with ebony and zebrine, and ebony and padauk (left to right in picture), this delicate yet strong tool will allow you to create wonderfully detailed lines in your metal plate. A magnetized top keeps the tip protected when not in use. No need to sharpen.

Agate Burnisher: Polish smooth the scraped-out areas with this beautiful stone. Made with ebony and olive wood, and ebony and padauk (left to right).

Please note on your order which drypoint needle or burnisher you would like by number
See the number associated with the tool in the picture. If you don't select a number, we can pick for you.

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