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Cambridge Companion to John Cage

Cambridge Companion to John Cage

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The Cambridge Companion to John Cage celebrates the richness and diversity of Cage's acheivements--the development of the prepared piano and of the percussion orchestra, the adoption of chance and of indeterminacy, the employment of electronic resources and of graphic notation, and the questioning of the most fundamental tenets of western art music. Besides composing around 300 works, Cage was also a prolific performer, writer, poet, and visual artist. Written by a team of experts, the Companion discusses Cage's background, his work, and its performance and reception, providing in sum a fully rounded portrait of a fascinating figure. Kathan Brown, founding director of Crown Point Press, contributed a chapter to the book. 

Edited by David Nicholls. Published by Cambridge University Press, England. Softcover, 287 pages, with black and white reproductions of scores and etchings.

Another title of interest to accompany this one is John Cage Visual Art: To Sober and Quiet the Mind, also by Kathan Brown and published by Crown Point Press, 2000.