Why Draw a Landscape?

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In 1998 Kathan Brown invited eleven artists who have worked with landscape in painting or sculpture to participate in this project. Each artist made a small landscape-inspired print, and the prints are reproduced in this book along with samples of the artists' other work.

In this book, Brown answers the question in the title in a different way for each artist and discusses attitudes and ideas that affect the relationship of the self to the real world. The artists' styles range from realist to conceptual, and were developed in different decades, beginning with Jane Freilicher in the 1950s and ending with Joan Nelson and Anne Appleby in the 1990s. Other artists include Sylvia Mangold, Pat Steir, Ed Ruscha, Robert Bechtle, Tom Marioni, David Nash, Bryan Hunt, and April Gornik.

Published by Crown Point Press, 1999. Hardcover, 107 pp. with 90 color images.

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