Vision #4: Word of Mouth (1980)

$ 75.00

VISION was a journal of contemporary art published by Crown Point Press irregularly between 1975 through 1982, and was edited and curated by Tom Marioni.

In 1980, twelve artists participated in a conference sponsored by Crown Point Press on the South Pacific island of Ponape. Each artist gave a twelve minute talk/reading/performance that was recorded and produced on LP (vinyl) records.

Artists included are Pat Steir, Robert Kushner, John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Brice Marden, Tom Marioni, William T. Wiley, Joan Jonas, Daniel Buren, Bryan Hunt, and Chris Burden. The set of three records comes with an illustrated booklet documenting the trip. 

This is a real collector's item!
The vinyl is white!

One record set per customer.


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