Magical Secrets about Line Etching & Engraving: The Step-by-Step Art of Incised Lines

$ 52.00

In the second of the Magical Secrets series, author Catherine Brooks (a former master printer at Crown Point Press)  draws on the venerable history of that institution to create an inspirational and highly usable how-to book on line etching and engraving. Crown Point Press founder, Kathan Brown, adds an appendix on hand-wiping and printing that teaches you to ink and print etchings with Crown Point's superlative quality. The practical information is artist-centered, with illustrations and discussions of line etchings and engravings enhanced by quotations from the artists who made them. Included with the book is a DVD with Catherine Brooks and Kathan Brown demonstrating the step-by-step techniques.
Published by Crown Point Press, 2007. Color and black & white illustrations, 207 pages. Live-action instructional DVD included.

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