Beer, Art and Philosophy: A Memoir by Tom Marioni

Beer, Art and Philosophy: A Memoir by Tom Marioni

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The subtitle of Marioni's art autobiography is the title of one of his best known pieces, The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art. The book is introduced by Thomas McEvilley and illustrated with black and white drawings by the artist. Published by Crown Point Press, 2003. 

"This art memoir is also truly an interesting personal memoir, for Marioni starts with his life as a child in Cincinnati in the ‘40s, tells us about his family and friends, and brings us forward with him to the present. He recounts many interesting coincidences in his life where his life touches famous artists and architects early in his career, and then later he becomes friends with them or creates works that are part of their works—like his relationship with John Cage and Marcel Duchamp and his commissioned sculpture for the Marin Civic Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. These stories and the explanations and descriptions of his many conceptual works of art and the circumstances surrounding their evolution and development, create a text of engaging interest with important historical context and documentary evidence."

Frank Cebulski, Sculpture magazine, July/August 2004

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